Student Welfare

MBA and Engeenering Student Welfare Policies at MIST

This scheme mainly targets the below average students. Based on the performance of the mid semesters, weak students are identified and the reasons for their poor performance is enquired. Senior Faculties are entrusted with the responsibility of addressing the problems of the students. Extra classes are conducted for such students with intensive coaching. In addition to this study material aimed at improving their performance in the exams is also provided in the form of hand out.

The performance of such students is continuously monitored on fortnightly basis. Provision is also made to provide additional text books from the library on the recommendations of HOD or concerned staff In charge. In order to create a healthy competition among students prizes and awards have been instituted to honor and encourage the toppers of each class in the University exams.

Class wise awards & Incentives to Meritorious students

MIST is mainly interested in producing quality Engineers. With this motto, and to bring out the best in students, the management has instituted cash prizes & awards to be presented to the toppers of each class in the University examinations and other activities. This will create a healthy competition among students to perform better in curricular, co-curricular & extra curricular activities.

Student Counselling

The Counseling for students are of prime importance at MIST, because it will put them on the right track towards a bright career. Most of the problems faced by the students are effectively sorted out by the student counselors who will be guiding about 10 students. Student counselors will also be assisting them in their curricular & co curricular activities. Students are assigned Faculty members as Counselors at the beginning of the first term. The concerned students can meet their counselors at weekly intervals or whenever they feel it necessary.